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Elite World Flights is The Aviation Adventure Company

Have you ever wondered if there are any great aviation adventures left?  Yes, there are, and this is where you sign up!

Our aviation adventures are all-inclusive educational enrichment flights with a world-experienced flight leader/instructor. No more headaches caused by making the arrangements yourself: planning the stops, deciding where to stay and what experiences are worth your time, researching the paperwork needed, finding out how much the permit fees are.  After years of world flight planning and travels have given our founder the knowledge necessary to create the ultimate aviation adventure for you.

Our featured adventures include a flight around the world and our Americas flight adventure. Our aviation adventures not only meet every pilot’s flying dreams, but they also provide the pilot, their family and friends with time in remote and unique destinations. Even if your not a pilot, this is a journey of a lifetime.

We choose our itineraries based on the uniqueness of the destinations and a dedication to making our travels one of a kind and experienced by a select few. The quality of hotels (most are 5 stars) and service will be second to none and we stay in suites not rooms. And when it is time to dine, be prepared to enjoy some of the finest dining experiences of a lifetime with several meals prepared by world famous chefs.

As this is an educational aeronautical adventure with a Certified Flight Instructor.  We are not a travel agency, and this is a flight adventure with a highly experienced Certified Flight Instructor. Before we leave on our adventure, you will spend a few days in Colorado learning more about your aircraft and preparing for your around the world flight. It’s critical to both your safety and your enjoyment of the rest of the adventure that you feel competent in the aircraft that you are flying from the first days of your aviation enrichment adventure.

This is a map of our current map of our around the world flight.

Current Route Map



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